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Live/Work Apts in Downtown LA near Eagle Rock, CA

Eagle Rock is one location that many people in the entertainment industry flock to because of its premium places to film. It offers the perfect scenery for TV shows and movies. Creatives that want to rent fully furnished live/work apartments take to the area because they know that it will be easy for them to tell the stories that they’ve created. They want somewhere they feel comfortable living and working out of while they finish their next big project.

A Downtown Los Angeles apartment should provide you with outstanding value in terms of cost, leasing agreement, and amenities. It should also be flexible with its leasing terms because entertainment industry pros move a lot. Having a one-set location to film in isn’t always ideal. Renting a premium location short-term can be highly advantageous because it prevents you from breaking a lease the next time you need to travel for work.

Many things make 1010 Wilshire the ideal place to live. From fully furnished apartments with plenty of space to film to game rooms, a rec center, and a movie theater on-site, you have options. If you’re looking for a residence that delivers far more value than what you pay for it, you’ve come to the right place. You get the most out of every dollar that you spend as a tenant of our building.

Have the valet park your vehicle for you. Take advantage of the optional housekeeping services that the professionals personalize to meet your needs. Have packages and food delivered to your apartment. Film whenever it is convenient for you to do so on your balcony, courtyard, or rooftop. You have options that meet your needs when you choose to rent from us.

TENTEN Wilshire is in high demand. Let us show you what our building is all about by scheduling a tour with us today. Learn about the best apartments in Downtown LA. We’re here to help you sign a short-term or long-term lease, whichever option you prefer most.