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Live/Work Apts in Downtown LA near Chula Vista, CA

Creative people in Chula Vista make up the entertainment industry. They want to have places that they can go to film whenever the muse strikes. They find that apartments in Downtown LA offer them flexible leasing terms and a convenient location to live, work, and play. That’s why they go to the lengths that they do to secure a short-term rental for themselves, their cast, and their crew.

Fully furnished live/work apartments provide outstanding value for less cost than other properties in the area. There is no need to buy furniture and appliances because the building you rent from today supplies them. That means less time spent trying to furnish the apartment and more time writing, directing, filming, and editing. You’re able to do most of your work in your apartment because you have everything you need to be successful.

Keeping your projects private is a real possibility at 1010 Wilshire. Offering discretion and security, you can enter and leave the building without issue. Having food and package deliveries scheduled is no problem whatsoever. The front desk alerts you to the arrival of the delivery person, so you’re able to get what you need without delay.

If you want to clean your apartment but don’t have time, hire one of our housekeepers to do personalized cleaning for you. Your place will look film-ready by the time they’ve finished cleaning it. You can meet with cast and crew without embarrassment because there won’t be dishes in the sink and trashcans to empty.

TenTen Wilshire offers the most bang for your buck. Find out for yourself what makes it the ideal location to live and work. Schedule a tour of a Downtown Los Angeles apartment today. We offer outstanding value and unbeatable amenities for our residents to take advantage of regularly.