Yellowstone national park in Wyoming is world-famous for volcanic features such as geysers, fumaroles and mud springs, but northern California boasts its very own version: Lassen Volcanic national park, 50 miles east of Redding. There are campsites nearby or you can rent a fully furnished apartment. Staying in a rental loft or rental apartment as opposed to a hotel can make all the difference. Live like a local and rent an executive suite with all the furnishings you need.

The park is capped by 10,462-foot Lassen Peak, the world's largest volcanic dome. Lassen's 1915 blast makes it one of only two volcanoes to have erupted in the continental US in the 20th century (the other being Washington's Mount Saint Helens in 1980). After the eruption, which laid waste to vast swaths of surrounding land, Lassen Volcanic national park was created to preserve the devastated areas for future observation and study. Visiting the area now, nearly 100 years later, is a dramatic lesson in the Earth's own healing powers; it still bears vast scars of hardened lava, but between the rocks, the flora and fauna are flourishing.

In the summer, Lassen offers over 150 miles of hiking trails to a wide range of volcanic features such as Sulphur Works and Bumpass Hell, the park's largest hydrothermal feature. A lot of these trails can be accessed by taking a short walk from your corporate relocation apartment. Despite all the underground heat, Lassen is also known for receiving epic snowfalls – sometimes 900 inches in one season! – That turns the park into a winter wonderland popular with snowshoers, cross-country and backcountry skiers.

Lassen has eight seasonal campsites and rustic cabins are available at Manzanita Lake from May to October. Most of these furnished apartments get fully booked in the winter so make sure to rent your loft for rent early. Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to smoking fumaroles, meadows freckled with wildflowers, clear mountain lakes, and numerous volcanoes. Jagged peaks tell the story of its eruptive past while hot water continues to mold the land.

TOP TIP Sign up for a photography, geology or birding workshop through the non-profit Lassen Association's Field Seminar Program at Lassen national park.