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Professionals looking for fully furnished apartments in Los Angeles CA want only the best. This means they want access to excellent amenities and they want the best features. Lucky for them, the perfect place does exist.

Introducing The Perfect Place

The best place for professionals to live is the TENTEN Wilshire. By renting an apartment at this place, you will enjoy world-class amenities, both community and in-suite. Not only that, but you’ll be located right in downtown Los Angeles.

The 1010 Wilshire has over five apartments to choose from. These include Standard, Standard Plus, Deluxe, Corporate and Deluxe Plus. Other floorplans include Executive, Executive Plus, Premium, Executive Lofts and Presidential Suites. Each of those floorplans come with their own set of benefits. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established professional or working your way up to the top, you can find the ideal LA apartment.

Apartment Amenities

There are many in-suite amenities you’ll enjoy when you rent an apartment at the 1010 Wilshire. You will love relaxing on your king or queen-sized bed, as well as throwing on your robe (it’s included) after showering or bathing in the luxury bathroom.

In the living room, you can kick back and watch your favorite shows on a large HDTV, right from the comfort of a high quality sofa or the arm chair. The living room has everything you’d expect.

Let’s not forget to mention the full-equipped kitchens, which come with cookware, baking dishes, a coffee maker, toaster and state-of-the-art appliances such as a microwave, oven, fridge and dishwasher.

Those are only a few of the amenities you’ll have in your apartment. As a working professional, you want to be as comfortable and relaxed in your apartment. After a long day at work, you will love coming home when you rent a place here.

Community Features

Sure, the amenities you have in your apartment are impressive, but let’s not forget to mention all of the community amenities that truly make the 1010 a great place to live. The facility is equipped with a business center, which has a scanner, fax machine, copy machine and work stations equipped with computers, as well as ATM and UPS/Fed-EX drop boxes.

Other amenities include a full gym, pool, sauna, lounge and sun decks. Fire pits, massage rooms, movie room and bar area can be found within the facility. You’ll never be bored living here.

Looking for LA downtown apartments? If so, then look no further than the TenTen Wilshire. Schedule an appointment for a free viewing today.

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