As a professional in Mississippi it is entirely possible that your company may consider sending you to LA to work on or develop a project. This may seem like an intimidating move at first until you take a look at TENTEN Wilshire and their offering of fully furnished apartments. Moving to LA for a short time or even a year will seem much less intimidating when you realize the home you will be staying in can also assist you in running your LA business venture. This is a perfect location for the professional from Mississippi.

A Home Away From Home

The moment you arrive at the building and are greeted by the front desk you will know that the good folks at 1010 Wilshire. All utilities are included in the price so there is no worry about having the basics when you arrive. Your fully furnished apartment will have high speed internet, premium cable and local phone all hooked up and ready to go. That is only the beginning. The unique architecture will engulf your senses and transport you to a world of comfort. With every creature comfort imaginable available including stainless steel appliances, one of a kind scenery and gourmet ready kitchen will invite you into the life of luxury and style that working and living in Los Angeles will bring. The leasing terms are designed to be flexible, so all lengths of visits can be accommodated.

The ability to combine your work space with a living space is a great benefit of this great location. 1010 Wilshire provides complete business needs to all of the professionals who live in the building. They have fully functional offices ready to go along with conference rooms that are equipped with the latest technology, allowing for video conferencing. There are even some tax benefits available if you are the owner of your own business. 67% of your expenses at this LA apartment solution are tax deductable as well. The TENTEN Wilshire continues to make your life easier and more profitable.

Play is Important as Well

Your time in LA should have some fun and relaxation as well as business. The apartment you live in provides access to the well regarded rooftop of the building which has been the scene of charity events, business gatherings or social mixers allowing people to make connections with new people. The building also provides access to a swimming pool and there is a lounge available for tenants. You will become a regular quickly and that means that you won’t be missing Mississippi very long, because new friends and acquaintances will make life more interesting and fun. There is also a state of the art work out facility in the building. It is located far above the ground and gives you the pleasure of working up a healthy sweat while overlooking the scenic skyline of Los Angeles.

If this seems like the kind of luxury you are interested in adding to your LA adventure then by all means visit their website at to set up a tour or to look at the images of the beautiful apartments and business lofts available when moving to LA from the south.