The nearest large town is Zonguldak. The park has tons of flora and fauna but is also one of the lease affected places by industrialization. You will find all types of animals and breeds here! You will encounter species such as foxes, wolves, jackals, rabbits, deer, and bears. Jackals, singing birds and reptiles are also in the area. The park is located between Bartin and Kastamonu, in the western Black Sea region. Recommended places to visit are Ilgarini Cave,Valla Canyon, Aydos Canyon, and Ilica Waterfalls.

Where to Stay: Iksir Resort Town & Ugurlu Konaklari

The Iksir Resort Town Hotel is located in a natural surrounding. Rooms have free Cable, WIFI, and air conditioning. The rooms are fully furnished apartment homes with all modern amenities and are noise is never an issue! Guests can relax in the fitness center and spa or join in activities at the ski classes. There are also indoor swimming lessons, horseback riding and bike rental. There are multiple restaurants that are in the hotel as well. How delightful!

Ugurlu Konaklari: A short walk from the town Centre and the castle, this short term stay apartment hotel is composed of two houses restored with Indian rugs and a private garden. Rooms in the front house are more appealing, leading off from atmospheric communal salons. It's very popular and worth booking ahead.