If you happen to find yourself in the great state of Texas, do yourself a favor and spend a few nights in beautiful Houston. It is home to some of the largest aerospace companies in the US. All the great Apollo missions launched out of Houston. It is also filled with dozens of tech companies making it a great place to relocate and find work if you are in that field.

Located right at the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is known to have some of the most interesting weather in the country. All through the Spring and Summer months, it is hot and humid. It can be 90 degrees and raining like a hurricane just touched down. In the winter months it gets nice and cold. Living here can be challenging but it can have its benefits too.

Houston is a big sports town too. Its teams have experienced successes unlike any other. The Houston Rockets of the NBA won back to back championships in the 90’s. After going through a decade long slump, they are in the running to contend for another title. The Houston Astros, although not experiencing much success today, have had their fair share of glory playing the the Astrodome. The Astrodome as home to the Astros for 20 years before leaving for downtown Houston. Minute Maid park is now their new home located right next to the convention center in downtown. The stadium has a retractable roof to protect players and fans from the hot and humid weather. The old Astrodome still stands because the city does not want to flip the bill for demolition.