Los Angeles, California is home to some of the longest and brutal hiking trails in Southern California. Avid hikers travel to Los Angeles every weekend to tackle some difficult courses. For beginners there are plenty of trails available to break a nice sweat. But for the more seasoned pro, there is Mount Gikley located in the hills of Hollywood. Mount Gikley has climbs that exceed 45 degree inclines. Hikers looking to make it through this course are encouraged to not do it alone. You hear far too often of hikers needing to be rescued by a helicopter. Those are the lucky ones to survive. Others who take it lightly and not pack the necessary gear find themselves in dire situations.

A great store to pick up some of your outdoor gear including hiking gear is Outdoors World. Here you will find a large selection at prices that compete with the big box stores. The problem with a big box store is that often times they simply carry items that are too generic and that lack the quality you would expect.

Another great outdoor activity in Los Angeles is hang gliding. You of course have to pass all the required courses in order to fly but with the right hours both in the air and the classroom, you can get your license to fly. If you are visiting Los Angeles for the first time, travel according to traffic so your day is not lost getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Hang gliding lessons are taught nearby in Lancaster.

Visit Los Angeles this summer and stay at one of the local hotels in downtown. Stay at a location where getting to and from doesn’t require too much time and energy. Taxi services are not as prevalent in Los Angeles so consider renting a car if you are visiting.