Some people might be surprised by the opportunity to live and work at one convenient location. But this is exactly what they will get when they head to TENTEN Wilshire, which is a complex located in the Los Angeles area. This is becoming one of the most popular destinations for working professionals who want to get linked up with a great place to live in Valley Village. There are many reasons why people will want to make this one of their top choices for places to stay. The center even offers a full range of different options for businesses that may need work space in their area.

First, many people will want to check out some of the different options they have when it comes to getting a highrise condo. This is a particularly appealing option, because many people have decided that they can get a great view of the surrounding scenery. These condos are often fitted with window or balcony units, which provide a great chance to just enjoy the city. Some people will want to check out the different styles that they can get, but just about all of the units will have some kind of view of the surrounding cityscape.

There are many options in this complex when it comes to fully furnished units as well. Some people may generally be interested in the chance to check out all of the different couches and bedding items that are included. They will be comfortable, but their style will be modern and appealing to many people. There are a few different options that people have when it comes to getting these units, but they should be appealing to most guests. They will especially enjoy not having to buy their own set of furniture for their apartment. It will be nice to not have to carry furniture up a long flight of stairs.

Finally, there are a number of different appealing luxury amenities that can be found here. This building is fitted with its own gym, which offers visits near constant access to a full set of equipment. There is even a rooftop pool, which helps to complete the lounge area open to all the local residents. The building does have its own bar area, which hosts its own nightly happy hour. This will help provide a social atmosphere for all of the tenants located in the complex.