A highrise condo in Monterey Hills Los Angeles is one way to locate at TENTEN Wilshire. Place yourself in the middle of this established location close to many fortune 500 companies. This condo is in the midst of this busy metropolis.

When entertaining guests in a highrise Condo you get the benefit of a receptionist to greet your guests, the properties have a lobby and a common area. Each unit has a view of the city and utilities and all maintenance is taken care of in the price to rent. This lets you focus your full attention upon your business. Many units are 3 bedroom 3 bath designs and have every convenience. Rent a living room with fireplace and wall-to-wall carpet. Treat yourself to a corner apartment with a full-sided view.

When you rent an apartment at TENTEN Wilshire Monterey Hills there is no worry about relocating furniture, this highrise condo is fully furnished, filled with luxury amenities. In this city, traffic is heavy but living in a highrise condominium in Monterey hills Los Angeles it takes very little time to reach your destination. Once there you will find apartment homes have full a full kitchen and eating bar area designed for entertaining. This is a special residence; entertain business friends or potential clients. Everything you need is there, you are close to caterers, and the wait staffs you need to entertain. This automatically places you a cut above.

Monterey Hills is a lovely environment. The property is equipped with a full sized fridge, double ovens and hooded cook top. Counter space is plentiful with a view to the rest of the apartment while you prepare food. Los Angeles is a major city in the United States filled with people from all lifestyles and is an important link in the American economy.

TENTEN Wilshire is a major locality and the fully furnished highrise condo with luxury amenities is an important asset to an upwardly mobile career. This is a prime location in Los Angeles particularly when you have TENTEN Wilshire as an address. In Monterey Hills, there is a variety of floor plans available to suit your needs. These Los Angeles apartments are in a great spot. TENTEN Wilshire Highrise Condo offers residents a roof top pool for relaxation and fully furnished with modern décor and luxury amenities throughout the complex.