People moving to Koreatown will undoubtedly want to check out some of the different apartment options available to them. They will be impressed by the selection of units that they can get at the TENTEN Wilshire. This is one of the most expansive and enjoyable places to live in the greater Los Angeles area. Residents here can tell prospective applicants some of the many reasons why they enjoy living here and choose to stay. Given the full list of amenities here, it won't be hard to see why this has become such a popular place to live in the area.

First, applicants should understand that the apartment complex here is set in a highrise condo. This setting will be appealing to many people, especially those that want to get a good view of their surroundings. When they look out of their windows, they will get the chance to see some of the incredible sights throughout the Los Angeles area. The region is well known for its cityscape, which is spectacularly lit up during the night. It can be helpful for residents to plan out which room they may want to choose as they go forward with their selection.

There are also a number of different fully furnished units here, which is often appealing to new residents. It can spare them the trouble of having to hunt down their own set of furniture to have installed on their new apartment. Since their new unit will be located several floors up, they might not want to lug large furniture sets over several flights of stairs. They may appreciate the chance to just pick a unit and have a full furniture set waiting for them there. These apartments will be set up with different couches and beds already placed within them.

Many new residents will appreciate the full range of different luxury amenities that are offered here as well. This is one of the best places to simply enjoy life in the area, with many different appealing amenities. There is a rooftop area, which features a full lounge that any resident can relax at whenever they want. They can also enjoy the pool located on the rooftop area as well. There are a number of different live events held here, which will help people enjoy some of the exciting nightlife the city has to offer.