Every year over 40 million visitors come to the Greater Los Angeles area, the hub of media, motion pictures and entertainment in America. Many come to vacation, but a large number of professionals come to LA on business and need temporary furnished apartments. TEN TEN realizes that many people come on temporary assignments, so they provide deluxe accommodations and meeting facilities that some professionals prefer. TEN TEN has 200 sophisticated, contemporary condos and lofts for rent in Los Angeles, including many amenities.

These ultra-modern, luxury apartments have all the amenities the exclusive business person needs to Work, Live and Play during their stay. The spectacular 12 story building is just seven miles from downtown, and 16 miles from the LA Airport for the tenants’ convenience.

TEN TEN is extravagantly designed, so any CEO or movie executive would experience the sophisticated style that they are accustomed to. Businessmen from Van Nuys CA can meet with other business leaders in elegant meeting rooms and the business area. There are luxurious green plants and hardwood floors throughout the building creating a comfortable, yet stylish and contemporary atmosphere.

TEN TEN has 24 hour security, valet service, dry cleaning and room service, so whatever time you arrive back, you will be met at the door, and delicious food is available. High speed Internet runs throughout the building, and each condo for rent includes a complimentary phone, TV cable and a washing machine/dryer combo for the tenants.

TEN TEN has a philosophy that every tenant should enjoy their leisure time, and take every opportunity to de-stress and relax after a long day. Some professionals don’t know when to quit, and work sometimes is brought back to the high tech luxury apartments complex. For these professionals, TEN TEN has a mini-business area equipped with a copy machine, fax and an ATM to finish your business.

TEN TEN is also a wonderful venue for your next conference with all the meeting rooms and accommodations together in one building. There are 200 ultra modern apartments for the attendees, along with all the amenities.

The rooftop is a charming leisure area 200 feet above ground. There is a spectacular view overlooking downtown LA, which is breath-taking. There is a state-of-the-art pool, a grilling area and a fully-equipped fitness facility. Social events are held to meet and greet or, if you prefer, simply choose your favorite California wine from the private wine storage and relax. Summer all year ‘round in LA makes the rooftop the best place to be!