TenTen Wilshire is a luxury apartment building in Los Angeles, that represents a number of different types of housing units. This real estate property has a wide choice with regard to condos and rates based upon a particular condo of choice. The company has a well-established market on to which they are into selling and renting these housing units. They are also very active in real estate industry with demands from investors and renters from all over the world planning to relocate to Los Angeles.

At TenTen you have it all. Available in a range of versatile designs, their individual condos are created with top quality materials and contain modern comforts such as elegant themed interior, stainless steel appliances, and full furnished rooms. Each unit includes access to various group amenities like pool, sauna, jacuzzi, sports room, theaters, bar, lounge area, sun decks, bbq areas, fire-pits and much more. The campus has a business center complete with ATM, fax machine, copiers and other necessary elements that assist a business. This center is ideal for networking in a professional environment and a great substitute for a conventional workplace. The entire area is designed exclusively with renters in mind, and these amenities keep the dwellers in touch with the latest technology found in today's hi-tech world.

You can relax by the pool and enjoy the private wine cellar in this gorgeous setting, viewing the skyline above or the beautiful views of the ceilings. You can simply take a leisure vacation in one of these condos with your family or a business holiday taking advantage of the gadgets provided here. There is a full support team of technical and managerial systems to secure the right condo of your choice. This is a tremendous support system which is not available in conventional rental modules. The renter who wants to relocate from Tracy CA does not require to have previous experience in real estate industry to rent a condo here for short or long-term. The professional real estate team of this company will more quickly learn and fit into the right apartment unit of the potential renter. In the overall theory of renting a place, be it luxury apartments, temporary furnished apartments or a condo for rent, this place has many pluses, and for some one who is independent minded and looking for that top-notch luxury and convenience, TenTen might be the most attractive means of getting them.

So if you are planning to move from Tracy CA to Los Angeles and in the hunt for condo for rent or lofts for rent in Los Angeles.