San Diego CA is known for it's revitalized downtown featuring the Gaslamp district and Little Italy. Those who live downtown quickly get used to the throngs of tourists and conventioneers from all over America.

Unfortunately, if you have business or work in Los Angeles, it is not terribly efficient for you to consider commuting between cities, unless you plan to drive yourself. Even then, you are looking at a minimum 2.5 hour or 3 hour commute one way. So if you have to stay late in Los Angeles for a dinner or drinks with a client, it can be a long time before you roll past the Big bay on 1-5 again.

One trend that has started to take off among entrepreneurs in the entertainment and fashion industries is to look for temporary furnished apartments in the downtown Los Angeles area so that they can have a foothold in both cities.

1010 Wilshire is a building that you might want to consider. We offer luxury apartments in a great location that is close to the downtown library, shopping, nightclubs and restaurants.

Then again, why would you need to go out when you had one of the premier work / live / play spaces in Los Angeles in front of you. We offer much more than any standalone condo for rent or any other lofts for rent in Los Angeles.

For people who are looking for the best in personal amenities, we have firepits, an Aveda spa, a rooftop pool, jacuzzi, and steam baths. We also offer a movie/screening room on the roof as well. And of course if you are in a hurry on your way from San Diego, you can always pop in via the heli-pad. All suites are furnished and come with a great selection of furniture and appliances.

If it is work that draws you to 1010 Wilshire, you should be covered, regardless of your type of work. We have some residents that run their businesses permanently from our tower and others that split their time and go back to their other offices in San Diego or Orange County. We offer very well received conference rooms and office space to work in, combining it with the latest in business office equipment. Of course you can also take advantage of our production and post-production space if you are working on a film project. If you are filming on location in Los Angeles, you can incorporate several different locations onsite into you project. The garages and rooftop complex are among them.