For those individuals living in San Bernadino who work in the city of Los Angeles, it might be time to cut the commute. This is especially true for those who want to find lofts for rent in Los Angeles but who don't think they can afford the prices in the city. However, just because someone wants to find luxury apartments to live in, that doesn't mean they have to cash in their savings accounts or turn in their retirement. They just need to make sure that they look in the right place for their living arrangements. That's why it's a good idea for people who are serious about city life to go to Ten Ten Wilshire and see what it has to offer.

Why Go To Ten Ten Wilshire?

The simple answer is because when it comes to temporary furnished apartments Ten Ten Wilshire has everything that people could want when it comes to living the high life in the city of Los Angeles. The accommodations have hardwood floors, glass tiled bathrooms, fully furnished kitchens and, of course, all of the accommodations that someone in the city could possibly want. If someone's looking for business rather than living arrangements though, then the Wilshire can still help. With fantastic accommodations that come with the opportunity to deduct more than 60% of expenses because of the single bill for use, the office space is just as luxurious as the living arrangements, if not more so.

For Work and Play

If someone is looking for a condo for rent that is near where they work, that's one thing. When work is over though, it's also a good idea to find a place that's in the center of social activities. In Los Angeles, Ten Ten Wilshire is one of the best places to be for that sort of activity. After all, the Wilshire has a pool, weight room and even a rooftop meeting place where there are always activities going on. Even if someone wants to go out though, Ten Ten Wilshire is right there in the heart of the city where anything someone could want is close enough to hand.

Take a Tour

For those who aren't sure if Ten Ten Wilshire is right for them, all they have to do is fill out the form on the homepage at and take a tour of the luxury available. It really is just that easy to find a living place that's right in the center of everything.