Making a temporary move to LA for work can seem like a major task when you are looking for the right accommodations. You do not want to be in just any apartment, and you want to find a place that can give you all of the amenities that are conducive to a great work environment. 1010 Wilshire Place can help you make the transition from Riverside CA to LA with a space that is fully furnished. Many people think about a fully furnished apartment with outdated furniture and decor. Wilshire Place can change all of this and allow you to live in luxury with the latest design and decor.

You may want to explore a condo for rent before you decide to move in. When you visit Wilshire Place you will find that the amenities are numerous. This is living like no other, and you will have almost everything you need at your fingertips.

You will have instant access to a luxurious board and conference room upon your move in. This can provide you with an impressive place to meet with clients. You can also take advantage of the business center on the premises to give you access to Fed Ex, UPS, and many other features that can make your business operate more efficiently.

If you have ever visited a professional corporation, you will get the same feel at Wilshire Place. It can be very easy to impress clients with the right surroundings. There will be mixers occasionally where you can get to know other business minded people. This can help you with networking which can be an integral part of your business.

Wilshire Place lofts for rent in Los Angeles can also allow you to play and have a good time when you are not working. There is a daily Happy Hour that you can attend. A bar and cafe are on site to provide you with food and drinks on site. A salon and spa are also on site and this can provide you with spa services at the location where you reside.

If you need temporary furnished apartment, you can find that lease terms are very flexible. You can choose a month to month lease if you will only need this apartment for a short time period. Luxury apartments can allow you to grow and nurture your business in surroundings that will impress your clients.