If you live in Ontario CA and are looking for a temporary move to the LA area, 1010 Wilshire Place can provide you with everything you need to have all of the comforts from home plus more. When you begin to explore the luxury of Wilshire Place, you can have living at it's finest in the prestigious LA area. Many people need to come to LA for an extended time period, but do not need a full relocation. Finding a home away from home does not have to include a motel that provides hardly any comfort.

A condo for rent in Wilshire Place will allow you to use all of the amenities at Wilshire Place. This is a great place to work and you will find everything you need on site to be successful. You will have the latest technology at your fingertips. You can work in a fully furnished suite with state of the art furniture and decor. You can also find board and conference rooms that you can utilize for client and staff meetings. There are networking mixers that happen throughout the year that can provide you with an opportunity to meet other business minded individuals in your field.

You can also find lofts for rent in Los Angeles at Wilshire Place. When you are done working for the day you can take advantage of the rooftop pool. You may even be able to receive a complimentary beverage during the work week happy hour. The gym at Wilshire Place is located over 200 feet off the ground, allowing you some great views while you work out.

You can also find that there are events that you can plan on the property when you choose temporary furnished apartments at Wilshire Place. This can help you nurture your business when you can entertain clients on the property. Your clients will be impressed with the surroundings and the many modes of entertainment on the premises.

All of your basic utilities are provided at Wilshire Place. You will have one bill each month that you will pay for all of your living expenses. You will be able to take advantage of everything the property has to offer without added expenses. This can allow you to really enjoy your time off, and you will also be more productive during the time you are working.

When you begin to explore luxury apartments at Wilshire Place, you will find that this can be a great place to live, work and play without living the premises. You can entertain clients and provide a great work environment for your staff.