The lure of California is different for many people. Some prefer the bright lights and big city found in the heart of LA and others prefer the beach vibe that is found in places such as Malibu. It is, in fact, possible to experience both aspects of the area when you choose just the right place to live. This is because Los Angeles and Malibu CA are really only less than an hour apart and this means that you can have the best of both worlds when you give the area a chance by choosing temporary furnished apartments so that you can truly determine whether or not California is the right place for you.

You can find a condo for rent along the beach or in the city; depending on your personal preference, budget and lifestyle. This opens the door for many other possibilities as you may also find that lofts for rent in Los Angeles provide you with more space and get you closer to the heart and soul of the city itself. The Malibu CA area is a far cry from LA in a a sense as the low key, relaxed and laid back lifestyle is one that is truly the picture of beach living and one that many have always dreamed of being privy to and a part of as a place to live.

You really can create a new life for yourself by making a major move. It is best, however, if you take the time to really soak in the area so you are sure you are making the absolute right decision for you and yours. This is why you can choose luxury apartments on a short term basis or even choose temporary furnished apartments for your housing needs. This is really a sensible way to make a decision when you are contemplating such a move and really are unsure what exact area you want to be living in on a longer term basis. The choice between areas in California are quite different and one needs to take the time and energy that is required to make the right choice and thus the use of lofts for rent in Los Angeles or a condo for rent in Malibu will help in making that decision one that is easier to justify.