People living in Lancaster CA can find a multitude of short term and long term housing options for lease or rent in Los Angeles. But for better and faster results, consult with TenTen Wilshire for a vast selection of luxury apartments and condominium units that are fully furnished and located in a prime area.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, TenTen Wilshire is a world-class building with numerous units perfectly suited for a range of guests, from business travelers to vacationers. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by professional receptionists and administrative staff. Every unit is fully furnished and built to embody a sophisticated and elegant living environment while also offering all the amenities you'll need and want during your stay.

All condominiums and lofts for rent in Los Angeles feature cutting-edge thermostats for optimum heating and cooling, quality hardwood flooring with glass tile bathrooms, stainless steel appliances, durable furniture pieces, and picturesque panoramic window views. The entire facility is managed 24/7 by valet and concierge service and courtesy patrol.

But why choose an apartment or condo for rent rather than a five-star hotel? While hotels are the mainstream choice for guests coming from Lancaster CA, there are various benefits unique to fully furnished apartment units. It is more practical and convenient to begin with. Furnished apartments eliminate the need to move your stuff every time you have to relocate. This not only saves you time from labor but also eliminates the need to hire movers.

TenTen Wilshire's temporary furnished apartments are outfitted with all the appliances, electronics, and accessories you need including TV, telephone, high speed internet connection, and even premium cable. You won't have to spend hours of your time looking for a reliable cable company or telecommunications company since it's already prepared for you when you move in. Vacationers can maximize their time for fun and relaxation while business travelers can streamline on core operations while still having the confidence that their needs are taken care of.

Maintenance is also not an issue when it comes to furnished luxury apartments since the apartment manager will be in charge of any repairs or cleaning needed to maintain the functionality and security of the estate. TenTen Wilshire even offers custom housekeeping services for busy guests.

Cost-wise, furnished apartments and condos for rent in Los Angeles, California are more affordable compared to other housing options but offer the same or even better amenities. TenTen Wilshire's friendly and professional receptionists and customer support representatives will be happy to answer questions and provide you with more details about the units.