La Puente CA is a family friendly community located 28 miles east of downtown, Los Angeles. The community began in 1841, and the name LA Puente was introduced in 1884. Those who reside in La Puente CA live in a very safe and friendly community that is filled with history.

There are many people with professional jobs that live in La Puente. Many of these people drive daily to their jobs in the city of Los Angeles. Although a 28 mile trip to Los Angeles does not sound very far, the traffic that commuters encounter can turn what should be a 30 minute drive in to a 90 minute drive. There will come a point when a person will want to eliminate this unnecessary inconvenience from their life.

In recent years, the real estate market in Los Angeles has concentrated on building residential properties in the Downtown area. This idea came with the realization that there are many professionals that would prefer to live close to their jobs. With the beautifully designed lofts for rent in Los Angeles, professionals can now live a life that is commute free. Many people who have made the move to Los Angeles enjoy the fact that they can walk to work if they choose to.

The TenTen Wilshire, located in Los Angeles, offers luxury apartments for short term or long term leases. The property has all the amenities that someone could ask for. Those who choose a long term lease at the TenTen Wilshire will enjoy luxurious home living. The property also has many extras that residents enjoy. A few of these include include a roof top pool, ping pong tables and a private gym. The community also enjoys regularly scheduled rooftop events that are held 200 feet above the ground.

Those who are unsure of how long they will be in the Los Angeles area will be glad to know that TenTen Wilshire offers temporary furnished apartments. These beautiful apartments will make a person's stay very comfortable and satisfying. They, as well as long term residents, will also enjoy furnished conference rooms and business centers to use for their business needs. After one stay at the TenTen Wilshire, a person will never have to look for a different condo for rent in Los Angeles again. Temporary residents usually become regulars and lease one of the TenTen Wilshire temporary furnished apartments whenever they are in town.

If you are serious about making your life easier and more pleasant, you are definitely going to want to schedule an appointment to get a tour of the TenTen Wilshire. These luxury apartments will surpass your standards of living and you will be impressed.