Known and visited for its wide variety of attractions, the city of Irvine CA is a paradise to stay and possibly live in. From the University of California, which is recognized for its exceptional academic courses and state-of-the-art campuses, to Boomers Irvine where families can gather and spend time on go-karts and other thrilling rides, you won't have any boring days in this large and well-developed part of California.

But what housing options are available for you? There is an overwhelming lineup of luxury apartments, condominium units, and lofts for rent in Los Angeles. The problem is, not every option is as luxurious as marketing campaigns and real estate agents would lead you to believe. Work with TenTen Wilshire for the best selection of homes, apartments, and condominiums for rent or lease. The company is California's leading provider for luxury homes.

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But why rent or lease a fully furnished apartment instead of spending the night at a five-star hotel? There are many advantages to choosing an apartment or condo for rent. For starters, it's more convenient for business travelers and vacationers. All the things and utilities you need are prepared and simply waiting for you as you check in. You do not have to buy the household items yourself.

Temporary furnished apartments from TenTen Wilshire already have the appliances, furniture pieces, and utilities you need including a complete kitchen set, glass tiled bathroom, Jacuzzi bathtub, quality hardwood flooring, etc. And because these units are roofed under luxury buildings, you gain access to a range of exclusive facilities like swimming pools, housekeeping services, laundry machines, and cafes.

TenTen Wilshire's luxury apartments are also more affordable than hotel lodgings. You are able to minimize expenses by eliminating extras, such as removal services and storage units. The company provides one comprehensive bill instead of multiple contracts simultaneously blasting at you. These include 24/7 security, valet, and concierge, telephone service, internet connection, drop-off vehicle service, and world-class conference rooms. All buildings are supported by professional receptionists and administrative support services for package deliveries and phone calls.

If your work requires you to travel or relocate frequently, a furnished apartment or condo for rent will best fit your needs and demands since you won't need to move and bring all your stuff with you wherever your work brings you.