Huntington Beach CA can be a great place to do a live / work arrangement. The problem many times is that there is a distinct lack of commercial space West of the 101. Another annoying thing sometimes is commuting to Los Angeles for work and then turning around late in the evening after you have been socializing for your business. The commute on the 405 sometimes seems that it is a 24 hour traffic jam.

One thing that you might consider if you are interested in saving time and either expanding your business or looking for a place to base yourself while you are in Los Angeles is to look at TenTen Wilshire. One of the preeminent work / live / play buildings in the city, we offer luxury apartments that serve as either offices or temporary furnished apartments. If you want a spa, we have an Aveda spa onsite. If you want a firepit for an intimate evening, we offer those as well. If you are looking for world class business center attributes, we have all the internet and voice communications that you would want included with some very nice conferences rooms that can be reserved. If you'd like to arrange a movie viewing or screening, we have a room that is located next to the rooftop pool for that purpose.

Expanding or setting down temporary roots while you have a project going can take some consideration. Why have to worry about the details. Looking for a condo for rent or lofts for rent in Los Angeles can take some time. And then what have you accomplished? A nice place in a nice neighborhood so that you can work or sleep; but how about entertaining?

If you plan to have business guests or project members over to work or socialize after work, why not do so in a center that is practically designed with your needs in mind. Instead of reserving tables at restaurants and adding another venue if the evening is to continue, having clients come to see you at 1010 Wilshire can mean that the entire evening is seamless and therefore more productive.

Of course, that's not to say that you shouldn't be considering taking advantage of the location to either walk or drive to the many shops and restaurants that you can take advantage of in close proximity to the building. So if you are looking at spending more time in Los Angeles in the near future, or are tired of the same commute every day, give us a call! We are always available to talk about how we can meet your needs.