For many people, the city of Los Angeles is the place to go both for work and for play. After all, as a major city, it has all the best restaurants, entertainment and some of the prime locations for jobs. On the other hand though, just because the city is a little bit pricey, that's no reason to live out in another city like Fresno CA and commute. Especially if one doesn't absolutely have to. After all, if someone could find temporary furnished apartments or lofts for rent in Los Angeles where everything was included and the price was affordable, then why wouldn't people choose to live there instead? Fortunately, for those looking for just that kind of thing, all someone really needs to know is where to look.

TenTen Wilshire

Whether someone is seeking a condo for rent or looking for luxury apartments, TenTen Wilshire is the place to go to find what they're looking for. This location has it all; hardwood floors, glass tile bathrooms, sumptuous furniture, kitchens ready to cook a gourmet meal and even more. People would be very hard pressed to find a more convenient place to live that offered all of the amenities and luxuries that the Wilshire has packed into such a small area.

What's more, Ten Ten Wilshire is for more than just people who need living space and accommodations. The building also has space for businesses and offices, which come with their own sets of advantages. While they have the same attractive interiors and beautiful furnishings, as well as phone and Internet access that all residents can expect, the bill for a business renting at the Wilshire comes all in one, lump sum. That gives businesses the unique opportunity to declare over 60% of what they pay in rent. That is quite the incentive, over and above a great location right near the heart of Los Angeles.

Come in And Take a Look

For those who aren't sure whether or not Ten Ten Wilshire is the place for them, be it for business or for living accomodations, all they have to do is go to the homepage at and fill out the form. Once that form is filled out, people can make an appointment to come in and take a look around to see whether or not the Wilshire is the place for them. So if you're looking to relocate to Los Angeles and looking for a condo for rent or a luxury apartment visit our website today!