Convenience is a word that is of major importance to the majority of the people that live in Southern California. If you are in business, convenience means efficiency that you can count on.

So although Escondido CA is one of the most naturally beautiful inland areas near the Los Angeles metropolitan area, if you are doing business in Beverly Hills or Hollywood or Santa Monica, it can be a very punishing commute.

At 1010 Wilshire, we offer luxury apartments and temporary furnished apartments that allow people to live, work, and play all in one great location. So the next time you have a project or would like to add a business location, consider us. Our website is at:

Here are a few reasons that we think you will want to get in touch with us:

Live- If you have ever looked at acondo for rent or lofts for rent in Los Angeles, you'll know that there are a range of choices available. To save you some time, we fall into the top of that range when it comes to providing services for you. All of our apartments come pre-furnished and feature open space and quiet accommodation.

High speed internet and cable access is included. The appliances and the furniture is all elegant and can be re-arranged to suit your own style. Close to the library, shopping and dining, you will save hours of time each week commuting between places.

Work- Many of our residents are involved in the entertainment industry or have their own businesses and spend time living here while they work. 1010 Wilshire features world class conference rooms along with the latest in data and voice communications and equipment so that its residents can finish what they need to. If you are working late before returning to Escondido CA, or getting a hotel room and returning on the weekends, we are definitely a building that you should look into.

Play- Whether it is business play or personal play, we have the amenities that we think will make a difference in your life. Our rooftop workout center or gym is next to the rooftop pool and jacuzzi. The screening / movie viewing room is also located on the rooftop. At least a couple of times of week, we have wine and cheese social functions that allow you meet some of your neighbors or casually entertain visiting clients. If you like to relax with indoor pursuits, we have billiards and other gaming equipment available in a separate room. We know that people commute back to far away places regularly so they can relax after their work day. We kept that in mind while we created the recreation spaces that we hope you will enjoy.