There are times when a simple decision can change your life. One such decision is to leave Elk Grove CA and drastically upgrade your standard of living with a better condo for rent. Why not live, work and socialize all in the same place? That is the ultimate in convenience and it is to be found at the lofts for rent in Los Angeles at TenTen Wilshire. Here are some luxuries to be found there.

Without a doubt, there is no more beautiful skyline than that at TenTen Wilshire. The focal point of the condo units is the unrivalled view of Los Angeles. The breathtaking skyline will be a main conversation piece as guests and friends exclaim in awe at the view. Imagine yourself leaning on the railing with a refreshing beverage and enjoying the view with that special someone. Photos taken with loved ones and friends will be enhanced by the exquisite skyline in the background.

The next highlight of TenTen Wilshire is the Theater Room. There is no better way to get together with friends than over a great film in the Theater Room. Likewise, many residents take the opportunity to use the Theater Room for impressive business presentations. The Theater Room is just another example of how high TenTen Wilshire sets the bar.

One of the really fun activities that sets TenTen Wilshire apart in a class of its own is the free Happy Hour for residents. The property provides regular free happy hour to enhance the social lives of the residents of the temporary furnished apartments and makes everyone feel more at home. The residents feel that it is an absolute blast to get together this way and virtually no one misses it. It is amazingly fun to get the free drinks and meet others in this gorgeous setting. Why go out when there is a free happy hour at home?

Another essential feature of life at TenTen Wilshire is the security patrol. In these uncertain times, it comes as a relief when a luxury apartments property has a security patrol to facilitate the safety of the residents. The security patrol at TenTen Wilshire is alert and responsive to residents. Safety is number one at TenTen Wilshire.

It is time to get started with a better way of life. Visit the website at to get information. Fill out the contact form and you will be swiftly contacted to arrange a walk-through. Start a fun, new life by making a great decision now.