The latest buzzword in the rental or leasing industry is live / work space. As you go through the commercial ads in Chula Vista CA, you will find several places that are advertising either warehouse space or professional space with the potential to live at the same location.

Which is great- but if your company is looking for exposure or looking to expand its office space, putting it in Otay is not quite the same thing as putting it on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Running East-West and connecting downtown Los Angeles with Santa Monica, Wilshire is one of the most sought after business addresses in the United States.

And if you were to take a look at luxury apartments or a condo for rent as an alternative to office space in the San Diego area, you would find out that rent or leasing rates are actually around the same price as they would be if you were to lease on Wilshire.

1010 Wilshire is an incredible opportunity for just about any entrepreneur. If you seek to live where you work, temporary furnished apartments are available that combine the finest in furnishings with open floor plans that allow you to move furniture around to your liking. You may have seen other lofts for rent in Los Angeles, but 1010 Wilshire is somewhat special to a lot of business owners and people who come up to work in the entertainment industry.

In addition to great amenities inside the apartments,  1010 Wilshire offers world-class business center access to all its residents. The business center features state of the art conference rooms and technology centers that have the latest equipment and connections that you need to power your way through the business day. 

Often described as a live / work / play center, the building also features a rooftop pool and a gym or workout center with the latest equipment. As relaxing isn't complete without some privacy, they also have firepits available. They also offer a movie/screening room on the rooftop along with sauna and steam rooms and a jacuzzi. The only thing the makes the experience more complete is the number of weekly social activities that are planned for residents- which makes it easy to drop into one of the wine and cheese mixers that happen twice a week.

So whether you plan to be in Los Angeles temporarily, or if you are planning a permanent expansion, you should take a look at 1010 Wilshire. The architecture, the location, the amenities, and the friendliness will help you to know that you are making the right choice. Give us a call! We'd be happy to chat with you about how we can meet your needs.

1010 Wilshire is easily the most conveniently located Live / Work / Play building in Los Angeles.