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Coos Bay and North Bend are located along the sheltered waters of Coos Bay, where the Coos River enters the Pacific Ocean. Just south you’ll find Charleston, an active fishing town. The area is rich in maritime and forestry traditions and a popular getaway destination. Here you will also find quaint little furnished apartment communities that match the mellow vibe of the area. State parks occupy the bulk of the ocean coastline both north and south of the bay. A handful of streams and rivers empty into Coos Bay and a number of freshwater lakes dot the area. There are approximately 20 different luxury housing options nearby with the finest long term stay apartments in the state. While Coos Bay and North Bend are 40 miles south of the officially-designated Oregon Dune National Recreation Area, Oregon’s sand dunes continue down and cover much of the spit protecting Coos Bay. All of this water, sand, and beach provides the opportunity to spend time in glorious nature, whether wildlife watching, hiking, beachcombing, or kayaking. Both Coos Bay and North Bend have charming shops and art galleries and lovely city parks.

This Oregon State Park preserves the former estate of Oregon timber baron Louis Simpson, combining historic structures, manicured gardens, natural areas, and ocean views into one must-see attraction. There is a fully furnished apartment community perched on the edge of the cliffs with views to die for. During your visit you’ll be able to stroll through acres of garden spaces, including several rose gardens, a Japanese-style garden, a garden pavilion, and a greenhouse. These gardens are transformed into a wonderland of colorful lights during the Christmas holiday season. Shore Acres State Park’s hiking trails take you to stunning ocean viewpoints, where you can watch waves crash against the sandstone bluffs or enjoy whale watching in season. You can also hike down to a beach cove where you can wander and explore from the front door of your executive suite.

Occupying a historic former post office, the Coos Art Museum exhibits contemporary American art and fine crafts. Local and regional artists and themes are often featured, with major maritime painting exhibitions occurring on a regular basis. In addition to the art exhibits, an entire gallery of the museum is devoted to Steve Prefontaine, the famous track star from Coos Bay.