TenTen Wilshire is apart of an up and coming area that artistic and corporate industry talent can appreciate alike. This facility near downtown Los Angeles has become known as an area that can mix creature comforts with elegant architecture. Touted for it’s sleek design and hip location, it’s not surprise that units are highly sought after. Everything needed to live like an exec is here. These fully serviced luxury apartments feature phenomenal views from individual suites strategically planned and well stocked. Fine linens, stainless steel appliances, and a gym facility are among the basic amenities here. Sophisticated and modern interior design features provide atmosphere for tenants in their personal suites as well as communal areas.

A person of business is always on the go in Los Angeles, but look no further than TenTen in order to secure the next conference room for that next meeting. Our on-site conference rooms provide not only a place of business, but a space in which professionals can network and congregate casually in an environment that is comparable only to the old business tradeshow or top performing corporations.

TenTen Wilshire is a place to work, live, and relax without feeling constrained by a cross-city schedule. On the weekends, these all inclusive apartments provide a much needed escape from the weekday commute by giving you the benefit of many recreational areas in which to spend your time. No one wants to spend their Saturday on the 405 trying to hit the gym.

After all, what fully furnished rental lofts would be complete without a gym? Located over 200 feet above ground, our gym is equipped with high quality fitness machines enabling you to get the workout of your choice, on your schedule. When you’re done with a workout, a rooftop pool serves as a prime place in which to meet friends, relax after a long days work, or just hang out. For tenants that work as hard as they play, we know the value of relaxation space. The pool provides a beautiful view of the majestic Little Tokyo skyline, making this a choice area to congregate and relax with friends or fellow tenants.

The best part of TenTen Wilshire is the location. You’re walking distance from countless shops, five star restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment venues. For those who want to keep their transportation public and sustainable you’re also a convenient walking distance from bus and subway lines that can get you almost anywhere you need to go. Little Tokyo is home to some of the best Japanese restaurants in the city of Angels, where many Japanese residents also make their homes. If you’re a fan of manga, mochi, and karaoke, you can’t wrong with TenTen. Want to know more? As with everything else at TenTen, it's easy to set up a free tour of the location. Just visit the website and subscribe! No need to wonder what it's really like having all your professional, personal, and recreational needs easily accessible anymore. It's all there for you.