TenTen Wilshire is the ultimate solution for all of our corporate and professional housing rental needs. Full of a plethora of inward and outward amenities, no one can compare to them in the Southern California area. They have so much to offer, and they are very luxurious.

With these fully serviced luxury apartments, we as professionals can't ask for anything more, because they handle it all for us. All we have to do is to arrive, live, play, and work as we see fit, and they will take care of the rest.

A representative is readily available to handle all the details concerning these all inclusive apartments, because all that they have to offer can't be listed here. However, some of the amenities and offers that are available are as follows: fully furnished and stylish apartments; elegant and sophisticated studios; executive type penthouses; laundry facilities within the units; fully equipped kitchens; top of the line appliances; comfortable Jacuzzi tubs; first class conference rooms; recreational rooms; game rooms; a movie theater; 24/7 security, valet parking, and concierge; business centers; a private gym that includes health spas; a rooftop pool, lounge areas; fire-pits for us to use at-will; rooftop events; and recreation venues.

Located in Bunker Hill in California, these apartments are pet friendly, and they have different restaurants, entertainment venues, recreation venues, and theaters that are in within walking distance. This area is also great to view while relaxing by a pool, enjoying a rooftop event, or even while working out in the gym that is located hundreds of feet off the ground.

Life will be even more enhanced as us professionals will just lounge throughout the day and/or evening after a hard day's work in our fully furnished rental lofts. We can also lounge in the luxuriously furnished conference rooms, business centers, and other areas as we meet and network with others.

So great for living, working, and playing, when starting out or branching out in Los Angeles, we can always count on these apartments. Short and long term leases are available, and they also have an array of floor plans, which include standard, deluxe, deluxe plus, executive, executive plus, executive loft, and presidential penthouse. And furthermore, the furniture can be moved according to our preferences.

It's great to know that we all can easily see in detail what this company has to offer by doing a virtual tour, scheduling a tour, or just by calling. They have a toll-free number which is 866-513-9833, and a representative is readily available to assist with all business needs. TenTen is so spectacular, that they even great customer reviews.