TenTen Wilshire is a great location for entertaining and working. A business needs a location that fits the mood, a location for entertainment and business. People with innovative ideas love the energy found at this property. Enjoy an active environment where companies on the move gather for business and social events, making this the place to have an office. The building is equipped with meeting rooms and is in immediate proximity of local transportation facilities.

This office space is designed to handle any need and any sized business. Get great accommodations in this office property. This is a professional building complete with everything a business needs. This Furnished office park is located in the heart of business, with a view of LA within its sky view. It is a place where major events are often hosted placing your business in the center of it all. This corporate housing stands up as an equal with any business office space in the world. Wilshire Park CA is a nice place for dining and located near many fine dining establishments.

This location is easy to reach and is only a short walk from other businesses, and is close to freeway access. Join the many businesses that enjoy beautiful views of the city and comfortable working conditions. The building has air conditioning, heat, security and a downstairs receptionist. The janitorial staff takes care of all cleaning jobs. The only thing of concern for a renter is their business operations.

TenTen Wilshire is not only a place to live but it is a workplace that is a prime location for growth-oriented business. Rent this furnished office area and have a place to entertain, hold meetings and exercise after a busy schedule. Rent furnished office property with multiple rooms and a wide range of square foot space. This corporate Housing offers a business lounge for breaks and meeting rooms. Wilshire Park CA offers terms suitable to tenant. Offices are available in a range of decors and amenities.

TenTen Wilshire has parking and there is 24-hour access to your office. It is unnecessary to walk stairs in this building a convenient elevator is available. Fully equipped office space properties mean no moving vans trying to get everything ready, simply get your papers and move in. Start working on goals immediately with desk, chairs and other conveniences already in place. The receptionist on duty will make it easy for you to get messages and phone calls forwarded to your office suite. Corporate Housing aids business with multiple location and businesses just starting out. Whether a company is large or small, leaving the worry of furnishings, utilities and maintenance is a load of worry off a business budget.