Being a leader in the office and executive suite industry, TenTen Wilshire is the ultimate place where you can work, live, and play in one setting. And not only that- they are right in the heart of Los Angeles, and surrounded by great recreational areas, amazing entertainment areas, and wonderful attractions.

Rather in Torrance CA or another part of Los Angeles County, this place is not far away. Even if you are not from Los Angeles, and you are there on business, this place will supply all of your housing and office space needs all in one spot. With this in mind, that will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety associated with trying to find a hotel that is definitely close by the place of business, especially if you are from out of town.

With TenTen Wilshire, you will never go wrong while doing business in Los Angeles. They are fully loaded with amenities from top to bottom, even on their rooftop. This place is just beyond amazing. From valet parking to massage rooms, they will have you covered. 

With this place, they provide the right size and floor plan of office space that is best suited for your needs. There is no need to arrange moving of office furniture, office equipment, Internet service, etc., because they have it all within the fully furnished office. They also have staff and janitorial services available as needed to meet your needs. Additionally, the offices have kitchenettes, so you don't have to dread going out during horrendous traffic jams. The furnished office also has areas of relaxation nearby, such as sun decks and terraces.

Even if you stay in the Torrance CA or other close proximity within Los Angeles, but you have to return for business close to this place, you don't have to dread the back and forth commute. At this place, they also have executive and corporate housing. The housing is also full of amenities that contain luxurious furniture, appliances, silverware, dishes, etc., and they provide great prices for the housing.