Every city in the world has an icon that gives it a distinctive identity - incomparable, unique, and statuesque. Tenten Wilshire offers state-of-the-art spaces in Los Angeles CA. It is designed to suit the dynamic and vibrant life of people in the entertainment industry. Whatever your role is in the industry, working in this luxurious atmosphere will give you a push to excel in what you do.

The compelling design elements seamlessly accentuate the interior, exterior, as well as the work spaces within this prestigious building. Tenten Wilshire redefines the meaning of a Live, Work, and Play environment in this modern era. It represents the latest in intelligent office design with the perfect combination of amenities, cooling and heating equipment, and world-class conference rooms that are fully equipped for teleconferencing and video meetings.

People in the entertainment industry need an office space that is flexible and comfortable. In this modern era where most people rely on technology, constant communication is needed through phone lines or the internet. Offices in this location have multiple phone line capabilities that can serve your daily transactions. Wireless Internet is also available throughout the property so you can use it for business or leisure.

Since transferring offices can be difficult, this location makes it easy for you. Every furnished office has everything you need so that you do not have to worry about moving furniture and appliances. You can continue with your routine office tasks without any delay that can be caused by moving from one location to another. Since you deserve to have the best working environment in a furnished office, all furniture and appliances are high-quality and provide comfort and convenience.

Since life in the corporate world is fast-paced, this location is designed to provide a balance between work and life. Corporate housing is also available to help you create this balance. This way, you can easily juggle your work and life and save time from going to and from your home and office. Being able to skip the heavy traffic in downtown Los Angeles, CA is already a big savings in regards to time and money. After work, having fun is very important to release all the stress from work. The fun and classy rooftop that includes a swimming pool and play area will definitely bring you into a world of amusement and excitement.

Living and working in Los Angeles CA is easy and enjoyable with our knowledgeable and friendly support staff, delivery services, package handling, and incoming mail services. Contact us today and we will show you a glimpse of what is in store for you with a guided free tour from a member of our reliable team. This will surely give you a taste of how rewarding it can be to have corporate housing and an office space all in one place.