Walking expectantly down the historical Wilshire Boulevard, you come upon the striking architecture of the exciting TenTen Wilshire. Admiring the building's beauty, you walk into the door with a studious eye. This place is absolutely gorgeous and your brain is ingrained with the interior's perfection. The very professional looking receptionist is on the phone talking pleasantly with a potential client,you presume, and she smiles at you sweetly. When she is finished answering the caller's question about TenTen Wilshire's award winning rooftop amenities, she asks you if she could be of any service. You immediately realize that this gem of a place, located in El Cajon CA, is very professional but yet friendly and chic at the same time.

As you may well know, it is difficult to balance every day living with work and extremely hard to combine work and play, yet this is exactly what TenTen Wilshire delivers as this young professional learns through his informative conversation with a very polished young lady behind the front desk. This young professional gentleman, among many in the Entertainment Industry of the greater Los Angeles area, is looking for exactly what TenTen offers such as a fully furnished office space. They that their clients want simplicity in their expenses. This is why everything that they offer their clients are included on one, easy monthly bill. There is absolutely no commitment to long-term leases and no up-front investments. Packages include corporate housing, a modern office space, a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances and essential kitchen ware, an iPod integrated sound system, cable TV and wireless internet. Basic utilities are FREE.

These versatile apartments can be turned into live/work or office space according to your specificity. A furnished office will include phone, fax, voicemail and high-speed internet. Offering 227 lux offices located in El Cajon CA at the heart of downtown LA, you are sure to have many choices for fun. Amongst the biggest perks here is "Best Rooftop in Downtown LA". This little 15,000 square foot piece of heaven boasts a full gym, pool, movie and screening room, fire pits and a jacuzzi, all with panoramic views of the city.

Corporate housing, lush offices and exciting entertainment is what TenTen is all about. You will be greatly pleased with their full supportive staff which includes mail and package handling, utilities, maintenance and cleaning crews. If you have pets, bring them. These people love animals. And when you and your crew get hungry, there is a full service deli at your fingertips. You will be sure to enjoy all the amenities and activities that TenTen offers and will be more than willing to recommend their services to your colleagues.