Much of the style of life is found with the best balance between living, working and playing. Strike it rich in each of these vital focuses at TenTen Wilshire. The young, the bold and the gorgeous have found that walking to the penthouse after a hard day at the office downstairs is a rejuvenating way to live in balance with work and play.

With prime office space just footsteps away from an expertly designed and fully furnished apartment, life can be safe and productive again. Book the space for a company meeting or gathering to strike more great deals. After the dealing is done, take a dip in the sun baked roof top pool with business associates or neighbors alike. Life does not need to have that long, arduous commute to the office anymore. Just live, work and play in the same complex and totally soak up the energy from missing out on rush hour. Spend more time in the gym, working off steam and getting in shape, rather than bumping into the rear end of a road rage prospect on the freeway.

The stress of the day can be relieved up top of the building in the roof top pools. The bar is always stocked with refreshing adult beverages and other great healthy juices. Escape the rat race by spending more time making great business deals and plans. Launch a new business project with the extra cash saved from running around in the rat race on the expressway or the beltway. There is no need to worry about buying or renting office trimmings as each unit is a fully furnished office with breathtaking views of the city scape and easy access to the meeting facilities up on the roof top lounge and pool area.

Business can be mixed with pleasure on a daily basis with no harm done and much efficient expenditure of time that used to be frittered away dashing from one part of the city to the other. The corporate housing is a safe and secure alternative to running ragged from a high rise apartment or housing in the suburbs that require a long drive into the office in Culver City CA to find this cost effective and stress busting combination of business lifestyle, work and play in a focal point of organization, call us for a virtual tour at 888-559-7538 or visit our web site.