Century City CA is the place to be for those who want to experience everything that Los Angeles has to offer. Located near the meat of the city, this particular region has all of the glitz and glamour one could ask for, but a very affordable price tag if one digs a bit beneath the surface. Of course time is money when it comes to shopping for real estate, which is why it's a good idea to start at the top and work one's way down the list. The top of the list of course, whether someone is looking for office or living space is TenTen Wilshire.

What makes this building so unique? Well in addition to offering furnished office space that is attractive and ready to be moved into at a moment's notice, this building also boasts corporate housing. This means that the commute to the office is never more than shoes and an elevator ride away, which makes being late really difficult to accomplish. It also means there's no need to deal with the frustrations and costs of commuting through downtown traffic either to or from work. With full furnishings including sumptuous furniture, classy meeting spaces, and a truly convenient location this building has everything one could really ask for.

The great convenience of the living and office space this building provides is that everything, absolutely everything, is ready for its residents. There's no need for those moving into this space to worry about moving in desks, acquiring computers, dealing with installing wall monitor television screens or setting up Internet service. All someone has to bring is themselves and whatever possessions they need for work or to make their stay more comfortable in the living areas. Everything else has been handled.

This building has other treasures waiting for residents as well. It boasts work out areas, as well as a rooftop social gathering place for those who want to meet their fellow residents. For those who want to really get out though the building is located near some of the best night life Los Angeles has to offer. Whether it's clubs or restaurants, theaters or dancing, there's a little something for everyone right outside the door. All residents have to do is go find it, knowing they have a safe, comfortable space to return to.