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For those looking for comfortable living near Highland Park, CA, there is a choice that provides a great all-in-one option. This space allows one a luxurious space in which to live, work and play. The building, which is located centrally in downtown Los Angeles, is TENTEN Wilshire. It provides fully furnished rental housing options for both long-term and short-term needs.

The building provides a beautiful space in which to live and work. It boasts gorgeous views of the city from its fully equipped suites. Each of the apartment building’s rental units is outfitted to provide the perfect space in which residents, whether they be short-term or long-term, can accomplish their work tasks as well as being able to kick back and relax.

Amongst the numerous amenities offered by the building are a number that are especially tailored for work-related needs. These include business-related offerings such as high speed internet and business centers that are designed to help residents accomplish their work projects whether they be big or small.

Of course, the apartment building is not just focused on meeting work-related needs. There is plenty to enjoy when one is not busy with work. For everyday living, 1010 Wilshire offers an amazing level of luxury and comfort. Suites offer live amenities including comfortable furnishings, hardwood floors and premium cable to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of everyday life.

When not focused on work or simply enjoying the beauty of the comfortably appointed suites, residents can retreat to the building’s roof top pool. This provides not only a great place to swim but also a fantastic area to lounge and socialize.

The apartment building also boasts another useful and somewhat rare feature in the world of fully furnished suites: a helipad. This feature is the perfect option for helping a quick exit either for business purposes or for a bit of relaxing escape.

While there are various choices in fully furnished living, few can even come close to what is offered within this luxuriously outfitted apartment building. With comfortable amenities including rooftop pool, spacious lounge, hardwood floors and much more, this is an appealing space in which to live, work and play. The level of beauty, luxury and comfort offered makes TENTEN Wilshire unique, and uniquely appealing, within the arena of fully furnished short- and long-term housing options.

If you are looking for a stress-free, fully furnished, luxury accommodation option near Highland Park, the time to act is now. Visit the website to learn more; subscribe for a free tour. See what 1010 Wilshire has to offer for amazing all-in-one living.