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If you are looking for a nice apartment for rent in the Chula Vista area, contact TenTen Wilshire right away. No matter how short or long your stay, we can help you. We offer flexible, affordable apartment rental plans.

Getting an apartment near Chula Vista can be a great starting point for individuals who have just relocated to the area, or it can even be a perfect setting for those who are looking for a nice place to stay. Apartments are available in various sizes, with amazing Live Amenities and Work Amenities. This area has some of the most beautiful apartments you will find.

1010 Wilshire is a leading provider of sophisticated apartments, lofts and other housing units. We are industry experts in all matters related to finding high quality apartment and luxury living facilities. We cater to the apartment rental needs of people from all walks of life. Our tenants include corporate executives, businesspeople, producers, directors, students, lawyers, professionals and all those who want a prestigious housing or apartment for their stay.

Immerse yourself in elegant interior design and sophisticated architecture. Our Fully Equipped Suites offer lavishly furnished apartment units, large closets and storage spaces, stainless steel appliances, modern kitchen and panoramic views. We provide all the amenities and services you need to live comfortably.

Our all-in-one spot to work, live and play offers the perfect stay near Chula Vista CA. You will have access to a range of classy amenities, including full business center with conference rooms and meeting spaces, equipped for video and tele-conferencing.

Amenities in our apartments also can include a large balcony, a fitness center, valet parking, a roof top pool, helipad and more. It’s up to you to choose the apartment you’re looking for, based on the amenities you really want.

1010 Wilshire offers short term rental as well as extended stay apartment leases. Our location is perfect for those who enjoy the luxury and convenience of having their work and living set up under the same roof.

These apartments are a walking distance to restaurants, shops, theaters, and many exciting recreation and entertainment venues. Major roads and public transport links are only minutes away.

To learn more about the many benefits of getting an elegant apartment at our location, contact us today. Simply go to our website and complete the online form. We will get back to you promptly.