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Thinking of a full stakeout in the lap of convenient luxury?

The 1010 Wilshire building is the destination you need for a world class experience then. There’s no doubt about it. We’ll get right to it and tell you of an amazing experience awaiting. The complex affords renters all the necessary amenities to “Live, Work, Play” within a booming hub of commerce, family and social life.

This phrase–Live, Work, Play–is a special string of words we take pride in sharing with you. We will share it along with the comfort of home, office and recreational living. The mixture is specifically what makes us so special in meeting the fully furnished needs of businesses, residents and traveling socialites abroad.

There’s tremendous advantages to fully equipped suites.

Your broadest lifestyle interests can be accommodated at our complex with modern technology, a helpful staff and at the continually sought after location of Bel Air CA.

We would ask you if anything has been left out so far, but we’re sure it hasn’t. There’s no package as extensive and why we know it’s right for you. You won’t need to look for “something else” once you arrive.

When you do arrive, you, your business, colleagues, friends or family will be at home. We’re sure you won’t find the access TenTen Wilshire has to combined amenities for a full a rounded lifestyle anywhere else.

We accommodate the professional. We happily accommodate the retiree and make sure their freedom is properly enhanced. We have the luxuries for Fortune 500 companies and seek to improve all of our areas of service as often as humanly possible.

This is the professional option for a fully furnished and serviced lifestyle you can also be proud of. We don’t mind sharing the bragging rights with you along with our motto to, “Live, Work, Play.”

The work amenities you find will undoubtedly consist of: fully furnished offices, even executive suites, tax incentives and deductions; broadband Internet throughout facility, conference rooms, audio and visual presentation technology; phone services, cable, work station and computers; 24/7 active security, mail services and a supportive staff.

You will be so occupied by these amenities that our live amenities may be overlooked, but have no doubt, they are just as extensive and just as meaningful of service to your overall lifestyle. Take a chance and visit for yourself. Our doors are always open to new faces, and we’ll be glad to see yours.