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It goes without saying that the best place to pursue a career in entertainment whether you are a screenwriter, actor or an entrepreneur is Hollywood CA. The proximity to employment opportunities in television, film and entertainment is almost unparalleled.

As anyone who has ever moved knows, moving to a new city is a big transition that can involve adjusting to a new landscape, new employer and most of all, a new living situation. Individuals who are looking to work and play in Hollywood CA from the comfort of a large metropolitan city can look no further than 1010 Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA. 1010 Wilshire is a picturesque property containing more than 220 fully equipped suites. Our suites can be an excellent solution for transplants and even longtime residents of California to call home while meeting new people in the entertainment industry. With the property’s central location residents can hop on the metro or into a car and make it to Hollywood in less than an hour.

One of the many perks our property offers new residents is the freedom from having to worry about looking for and transporting furniture to their new home. The live amenities in our fully equipped suites include queen and king-sized beds, washer and dryer units on site, a couch, an HDTV television set, a DVD player and comforter set. The rooms in our suites also include furniture like body-length mirrors, coffee tables, a table for the dining room, dining room chairs, a desk for studying and floor lamps. We also offer premium janitorial services, on-site dry cleaning and room service. Our suites include kitchens that are set up to make sure that residents’ living experiences are as comfortable as possible. Our kitchens include a wide array of appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves. We ensure that tenants do not have to worry about cooking whatever their heart desires by equipping each kitchen with baking dishes, plates, cups and cooking utensils.

Our property also has many work amenities that make working from home easier for busy professionals. Each of our luxury suites is equipped with free wireless internet and free local telephone service. TENTEN Wilshire prides itself on maintaining a fully equipped business center for the convenience of our residents. The business center is complete with a fax machine, an ATM, and computer terminals where professionals can prepare presentations for business meetings or work on documents that are critical to their jobs. Our business center is also equipped with a scanner for residents that need to scan important documents. The building includes conference rooms and board rooms where residents can plan and hold business meetings.