Extended apartments near Los Angeles city hall are easy to find but there is only one company people should go through when they want an apartment to stay at for a little while. That company is TenTen, and for a few good reasons.

Spacious Rooms

The apartments have spacious kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Many people are impressed with the size of the apartments and the size of the rooms.

Great Amenities

When a person chooses to stay at one of TenTen's extended stay apartments near Los Angeles City Hall, then they can expect great amenities. Such amenities include wireless internet, a multi-media conference room, and even custom voice mails.

There is also a 24-hour business center that is equipped with copy and printing facilities, and it is equipped with plenty of work stations.

The actual apartments are equipped with excellent features such as a king or queen size bed, robes, slippers and more. The living room is where a person will find a good size television set, some arm chairs, a comfortable sofa and even a sound system that they can hook up their iPod too.

Other amenities include face towels, beach towels, hand towels, paintings, rugs and even a study desk.

The above amenities are just some of the amenities that a person can expect to find in their apartment.

Laundry Units

Laundry facilities can be found right inside the units that are rented out, which means a person will not have to go very far when they want to do their laundry.

Other Benefits

A person can also workout in the private gym located on the property, and they can also relax in the rooftop pool.


TenTen also provides great security for people who stay at the apartments. The company allows tenants to access the building 24/7 and there is on-site patrol to make sure that nothing out of the normal is going on.

Zero Start-Up Costs

If a professional is interested in getting an apartment, then they will not have to pay any start-up costs when they decide to stay at a TenTen apartment. A person will just have one monthly bill, and there is no need to pay any large, upfront capital investments.

If a person needs an extended stay apartment, then they should stay at one of the apartments that TenTen offers, because no other apartments can come close to what the apartments that TenTen has to offer.