With real estate rental prices seeing a new high in Pasadena CA, it is hard to find executive office suites for businesses and new ventures for an affordable price. TenTen Wilshire is a company that is immersed with a wide range of incredible executive office suites ready to serve you with great facilities year-round.

The company has combed through the areas around Pasadena to come up with the best solutions for your business and corporate housing needs. These facilities and features are a must-have for those who are on the path to success with their venture. If you are planning your next move to this city, Tenten Wilshire representatives will make sure that the right office suits are ready to accommodate you and your employees. Then go ahead to see what options are close to your requirements and budget. If you are thinking about a facelift for your office, Wilshire will provide the right amount of space that come with work rooms, lobby, meeting rooms, dining area for seating employees and clients, kitchen, parking, copy machines, scanners and printers, telephone, internet, boardrooms and much more. These professionals will teach you how to get started with renting the suites and make a review on the latest technologies and trends they offer. If you are investing in these office spaces, remember that you are making a lifetime choice for your success. You will get a gorgeous and comfortable setting to house all the things that make up your office or firm. They will show you how to put your business uniqueness on a design to make it work for the way you do business and live. A comfortable office space is one of the greatest assets for a good venture and happy employees and customers. And choosing TenTen Wilshire for your business needs is the right support to back you up.

1010 Wilshire is a one-stop shop for your office employees, corporate clients and equipments. There are many options to choose from, from furnished suites that are a few hundred square feet to large warehouses and more. Price for each of these units vary depending on the features and amenities that come with it. Here you will find an opportunity to enjoy the peace of having your own cubicle space, furniture set and communication lines. Wilshire has also keep an eye on providing housing and other facilities to your clients that comprise of standard features as well as patio, pools, gyms and club house.