Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could reside in a place that not only serves as a place for you to live, but can also double up as an office, and triple up as a place where you can host parties and get together’s for you and your friends? While some may think that sounds crazy and too good to be true, it’s not impossible. There is a plethora of executive office suites in Malibu CA that can not only serve as a home, but so much more as well, and TenTen Wilshire is the perfect company to provide you with such an opportunity.

1010 Wilshire (or TenTen Wilshire) is a hip and professional company that offers executive office suites to professionals who are seeking to live, work and play all in one convenient place. This is a perfect way for professionals to save time and money, and in an efficient way that will lead you to the top. Besides having zero start-up costs, they offer a no long-term lease option, large and up front capital investments, a large selection of amenities, one all-inclusive monthly bill, office space that will fit a live/work solution perfectly, an opportunity for your growing business and a professional, elegant and polished appearance that is desired by any growing business.

The building offers in-suite amenities for your bedroom, living room, dining room, study area, your full-equipped kitchen, and also offers accessories and utilities and conveniences such as free wired and wireless internet, a free local telephone service, some basic utilities that are needed, and even an optional professional housekeeping service to keep your location in pristine condition.

A place that’s ideal for meeting people and networking, and providing you with a clean, stylish, elegant and professional environment that is striven by successful corporations so you can lead a balanced lifestyle that only TENTEN can provide for you. TENTEN hosts events and is a perfect place for people within the industry to come and use their facilities for filming and shooting. They understand the idea of time management and convenience to the director and anyone involved within the project. Letting members use their rooftops, pool, gym, bar, Jacuzzi and helipad, the options and abilities are endless, and give you a solution.

If you're interested in the executive office suites for rent, you can call (888)-550-9943 or the local number, 213-769-6215 to request a free tour. Or, you can visit the site and request one at a time that works for you.