Are you tired of wasting money on living and/or office spaces that do not meet your expectations? If you live in the Koreatown CA area then visit the TenTen Wilshire. They have many amenities that will be able to fit your office and living needs.

The 1010 Wilshire has a host of executive office suites for rent that are able to accommodate any professional. These suites are fully-furnished with only luxurious and top of the line furniture. You will be able to easily impress your clients or colleges once they come to your office for a visit. Also included is access to the on-site board and conference rooms. These rooms provide ample space for your guests as well as state of the art equipment to collaborate on ideas or projects. When you sign a lease at the TenTen Wilshire you will be able to immediately get to work with the pre-installed voice, internet, and data services.

When you choose the 1010 Wilshire as a place to work you can also choose it as a place to reside. This facilities offer suites that are fully furnished and ready for you to lay your head in. In addition to having a room equipped with a queen or king size bed, each room has a kitchen table, dinnerware, stainless till appliances, a washer and dryer and even bathroom and kitchen linen. The only things you will have to bring are your personal items and your clothes to make your new suite feel like home. Each suite also includes premium cable, local telephone service, 42” LCD television and a DVD player. This allows guests to stay entertained once they have had a long day at the office. The 1010 Wilshire understands pets are important even to successful professionals and as a result, all residential suites are pet friendly.

If you are looking for more from a live/work area then the executive office suites have additional benefits to offer. All bills related to your stay at this facility are inclusive, meaning there is no need to worry about missing out on paying a bill each month. Also, these live/work suites have enterprise and Empowerment Zone tax benefits. Residents at this facility you are able to receive a 67% business tax deduction. Another great benefit about this facility is the ability to choose your lease. As a guest you are able to choose between a month to month lease and a long term lease.