When it comes to conducting business today in the fast-paced area of Culver City CA, TenTen Wilshire has executive office suites and executive office suites for rent in an all inclusive work, live, and play location at 1010 Wilshire.


These executive office suites for rent offer a full range of office and business equipment and solutions. The business rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology to make any presentation a professional production. On staff IT specialists are available to answer to any technical issues. Each meeting room has a modern design and upscale atmosphere. The fully functional business center has faxes, printers, copiers, and computer working stations. FedEx and UPS are available for sending and receiving packages. The constantly manned front lobby allows for business at any time of the day. Each tenant of these executive office suites is given their own individual address, private parking, and private access to their living space.


When staying at TenTen Wilshire while conducting business, it is necessary to take some time to relax and enjoy the surroundings and atmosphere of Culver City CA. There is no better way to do this than spending some time at the restaurant or on-site bar. Mingle and meet new people at one of the many tenant friendly gatherings or live performances. Relax with a drink or discuss a business deal on the unique rooftop. Enjoy a warm evening fire or conduct your own barbeque get together while enjoying the spectacular rooftop views of the beautiful California landscape. Take advantage of the specials and unforgettable surroundings that can be found here in this all-in-one live, work, and play location.


When you change your address to 1010 Wilshire, you will be spending your evenings at home in a luxurious fully furnished apartment. These living spaces are fully functional living spaces including laundry facilities. The rooms of the units are expertly designed and modern. Each unit boasts spectacular views of the area as well as private entrances. The bathrooms have whirlpool tubs and high quality fixtures. The sleeping quarters have comfortable beds and plenty of space. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchen complete with all of the appliances needed to make your living space convenient. On-site housekeeping is also available.

Finding a space in California where you can conduct business, call home, and relax in is not an easy thing to do. At HPC, we offer our tenants all of these aspects as well as a professional business atmosphere.