When you're making plans to stay in the beautiful City of Angels, the second largest city in the U.S. and the capital for the film industry, you want to be in the city. There's always something exciting going on in L.A., and that's why, if you are a professional in the movie business, TENTEN Wilshire is the ultimate destination for a luxurious Live, Work and Play atmosphere. Located in a high-tech skyscraper overlooking downtown L.A., there are literally tens of thousands of unique filming locations, and the historic neighborhood of Spaulding Square CA, which is under the original HOLLYWOOD sign. Spaulding Square CA is only several minutes from the executive suites at TENTEN.

The amenities in our extravagant facility begin when you sign the lease, short term or long because 1010 Wilshire is completely all-inclusive. The exquisite, ultra-modern decor and the contemporary furnishings in each of the 230 units, include cable, high-speed Internet, local phone and all utilities; there are no start-up fees for you on any unit. Linens, towels, high-tech appliances, and kitchenware are stocked down to the corkscrew.

TENTEN Wilshire is located in the center of the L.A. culture. When you step out of the front door, you step into the hustle and bustle with eclectic restaurants, top entertainment, and lots of shopping But, you don't have to leave if you don't want to. Our luxurious environment is designed so you can Live, Work and Play right here in our 17-story, high-tech facility.

We, at 1010 Wilshire, would like to invite you to see all the details of the rich amenities that are available. Go to www.1010wilshire.com, and schedule a virtual tour, so you can see our ultra-modern facility and all it encompasses. After all, you're following your dreams, and we want you to view the luxury living and extra large office space that is yours during your stay here, but, you'll find the rooftop amenities are the favorites with its spectacular views. We've left nothing out because an ultra-modern, extravagant Live, Work and Play facility is our goal for each resident.