Little Armenia CA is a fun, authentic neighborhood located in East Hollywood, near TENTEN Wilshire, the all-inclusive Live, Work, and Play facility for L.A.'s professionals in the film industry. Little Armenia CA is filled with authentic Armenian businesses, restaurants, and shops, and has been the main branch of the Church of Scientology for over 60 years.

TENTEN Wilshire is the perfect, luxury, Live, Work, and Play facility with over 230 strategically-placed, all-inclusive apartments and executive suites. Overlooking downtown L.A., the front door opens onto Hollywood Boulevard with the L.A. culture that you expect - the eclectic and 4-star restaurants, movies and entertainment, and shopping are all within walking distance.

TENTEN Wilshire specializes in attention to detail in this luxury living facility, and 1010 Wilshire is packed with extravagant amenities and benefits. They start with the signing of your lease, which is designed to fit your schedule, and it typically allows you to move in that day.

All of our stylish, oversized living spaces are fully-furnished with ultra-modern and contemporary decor as are the extra large office spaces. When we say fully-furnished that includes everything you would require for your living experience such as towels, linens, kitchenware, high-end appliances and more.

The 17-story skyscraper is meticulously designed to benefit all your activities, which would include the extra large, stylishly decorated office spaces, 24-hour valet parking, dry cleaners, equipped office depot and an ATM, and all are always available near the lobby. Your guests will be impressed when they enter the meticulously decorated reception area.

Residents will agree that when it comes time to relax, the amenities on the open-air rooftop are the best. A full fitness center with a trainer, a sparkling pool, sauna, and a massage will help you unwind as will along with the Happy Hour that 1010 Wilshire sponsors nightly.

There are so many deluxe amenities that 1010 created a virtual tour for you to view. Simply go to, and schedule a time that is convenient for you. We are excited to show you all the spectacular details that your lease includes.