If you were asked to name three of the most popular avenues in the Los Angeles area, for sure Hollywood Blvd, and Sunset, Blvd would make the list. So would the address 1010 Wilshire Blvd. Whether you're a professional in town for a week on business or longer you'll find a new and exciting lifestyle at 1010 Wilshire and a destination you won't soon forget. It may seem a bit of a cliché' to say staying in an apartment or suite at 1010 Wilshire is just like being at home, but in reality it could be that plus 10 on a scale of one to ten. You see 1010 Wilshire is not just an apartment rental, it's a creation surrounded by unparalleled comfort, sophisticated architecture and design where you might get a nervous twinge putting your feet up on a chair or coffee table like you might at home.

Look folks, it doesn't take more than a cup of common sense to realize that a professional tenant wannabe will have their pick of housing in or near the downtown areaof Los Angeles. However, just flipping a coin may not be your best move. You need to consider the length of your stay, then mix in several other clever adjectives that are important like: work, play, and amenities. And that's just the short list. 1010 Wilshire has raised the bar pretty high for the competition when you consider that your stay will include some of the usual suspects like a pool and great view of the city, and 24/7 security but these as well:

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Fully furnished units so you will want for nothing
  • Conference room
  • Hi-tech gym that's located 200 feet above the city

So let's make a quick check of the 1010 Wilshire itinerary to see if we have tossed a welcome blanket over what your experience will be like by choosing 1010 Wilshire. Well we did overlook the Monday - Friday complimentary tenant happy hour where you can see and be seen. And if you like sports, it's just a hop, skip and jump down to Staples Center and tons of restaurants and theaters to check-out along the way.

One final note is that if you're new to the city you won't have any problem remembering where you are staying. 1010 Wilshire is your luxury destination and it's about as easy as it gets.