Everything matters when you move into the greater Los Angeles area from being near your favorite restaurants, shopping centers, city offices and of course a place you can call home. Our company has all of those benefits for our tenants, and we've got locations in some of the best neighborhoods including being near Edendale CA. We have business clients from all over who come to stay in our luxury apartments though the entertainment industry has accounted for most of our tenants. What makes our place special is how we've made housing not only luxurious but also flexible.

What The General Facility Has

Our high rise building here at 1010 Wilshire is complete with furnished suites as well as work and play amenities. Office rentals plus our business center are where you can have your work needs taken care of. But when you're completely off the clock and taking some time to enjoy yourself, you'll find what you're looking for at our recreational areas including the rooftop pool and barbecue pits.

What The Suites Have Inside

Our downtown LA apartments have the welcome mat already rolled out for you so you can move in as soon as you're ready. They come with some of the most comfortable couches, chairs, and beds that you could imagine, and whether you need to do some cooking, laundry or plop down and watch TV, you can do it all here. If you have any difficulties, our staff and technicians are just a call away.

Renting here at TENTEN Wilshire is easy. You just start by signing up for our free tour and you'll get a look at the apartment you want and get a chance to see more of our facility. But to make sure you do get your apartment before someone else does, you should call us now at 1-888-554-2033 or visit www.1010wilshire.com.