Dirt bike riding is big in the desert. There are dozens of companies that offer rentals of dirt bikes, quads, and other off-roading vehicles. As you drive into the 111 highway into Palm Springs the signs are posted everywhere. You can rent a quad or dirt bike in a matter of minutes and be on the path riding. You do however have to demonstrate the ability and knowledge of riding. Once you demonstrate the instructor signs off and gives you all your safety gear. If you have a motorcycle license you can bypass any examination. You are also welcome and encouraged to bring your own dirt bike since the ones they offer are not always the newest and most powerful. Rental rates are reasonable and go in thirty minute increments. About an hour and a half on the course is plenty. There are several marshalls that ride around the course to be sure all safety requirements are being met and all rules being followed.

After you finish with your rental, you drop it off back at the office and have the bike or quad inspected for damages. There is a small deposit that is fully refundable if you return everything as it was given to you.

Offroad vehicles are big in places like Palm Desert, Lancaster and the Hi Desert. With not much else to do in those places, locals turn to fun outdoor activities such as this. Each year, these cities hold big tournaments and people from all over the state make the trip over to participate in the activities.

A high quality and powerful quad ranges anywhere from $3500-$7500. The best brand is Honda and Kawasaki. They make some of the best rides. Yamaha is also a great manufacturer of quads and bikes however they are mainly known for making speed bikes.