The Honaz Mountain National Park is in the Province of Denizli. The best feature of the park is the mountain which is the highest in the Aegean region at 2582 meters. There are a species of Alpine flora at the higher altitudes, the most common of which are juniper, black pine, and cluster pine. There are a variety of animals in abundance! If you’re lucky, you’ll spot on from the yard of your fully furnished apartment rental. The snow makes it ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and all kinds of snow activities.

Where to stay:

North Point hotel is located in the Downtown Denizli and offers accommodation with A/C, WIFI, and very comfortable rental apartment rooms. The hotel is centrally located so getting to shopping, restaurants, and public transportation is easy. Each bathroom has marble walls, including a shower and a hairdryer. Unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine are served with fresh vegetables and local ingredients. Guests can also enjoy meat or fish at the bright à la carte restaurant. Another great feature about this beautiful hotel is that you can reach most everything by foot. This is located in the middle of Downtown and close to most public transportation. Taxi cabs and buses are easily found here. This is the best furnished apartment hotel you can rent in the area.